Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liberal Soldier & Educaion Benefits

After months, back and forth, back and forth, trying to get all my documentation in order, I finally got thrugh, and now have my Certificate of Eligibility. Tommorrow Im riding thetrain into town to sign up for classes for this summer!

Feels great to be back in the Driver's Seat again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Liberal Soldier & Totems

I find it funny because, I've tried so hard in my time to rationalize religion, and then later to rationalize atheism. I think I'm caught somewhere in between, in a delicate...yet comfortable balance.

One of the things I've noticed about Soldiers, and many people of the same mindset (some whom I call adventurers; and some passionate true idealists from all political and religious spectrum) is a lingering sense of Superstition, no matter what religious or rational views one might hold. And I dont refer to things that I consider shallow, for example horoscopes. Alot of people read horoscopes, not really caring one way or another as to their truth.

What I find myself, and quite a few of my friends doing, is developing somewhat complex, deep rituals. Sometimes they are only important to us, and we might not tell anyone. But for us, at least for me, it is a viable part of the mission, whether others know it or not. Whether or not I admit it to myself.

If ever I walk outside my front door, I usually pop a ciggy in my mouth. But I usually do an odd little ritual that I've developed over my years. I look up, an I see what birds are flying about. The common ones, Pigeons, Sparrows, and the like don't really mean much to me. If I see an Eagle, something in my mind rings out that this will be a good day. If I see a hawk, it is neither good nor bad, but it will be a trying day, and I may not see why for months. If I see a vulture, it doesn't stop me from doing anything, but I am much more wary and open-eyed (at least so I don't step on the carcass its trying to get to). However, for whatever reason, the Crow/Raven is most important to me. If I see one about, and don't see a logical reason for it to be about, I assume, in my mind's eye, that something important will happen today.

But its more than just that. I just suppose my avian omens are the most vibrant bits of evidence about my superstition. But smaller things play a roll. I always wear the same hat, its like a security feeling. I wear a multi-colored 550 cord bracelete on my left wrist that I made myself in Kuwait. All of my tattoos have very deep and personal meaning to me (there are only two).

Alot of the same for most of my friends. I've met people before who get Tattoos because the sun was shining on a specific day, it seems. In truth, what better reason, I suppose? But still, it seems frivilous to me.

Little things like that.

What about you guys? Got any wierd rituals or superstitions you've never told anyone about?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Swine Flu

Okay, so this weekend, while at Ft Gordon, I got my 3rd consecutive vaccination for Swine Flu. Im not sure if it is or not, but I know I've gotten three shots, and when I request to know what they are injecting in me, all the medics have been like 'Swine Flu'.

Im pretty sure I picked up Swine Flue while at Ft Stewart last summer. It was hella gay.

Anyhow, I'm a little under the weather. But thats how the Army works? Any medics able to help me with this? Are there multiple schedules of Swine Flu, like with Anthrax?

I'm up to Schedule C with Anthrax...

Meh...just saying...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Further Relationship Advice From the Liberal Soldier

Too easy. Just don't get into one until your out. *mumbles about women problems and walks off*

*Runs back* And you crazy women, I'm just trying to do the best I can. Your ruining me for the future because how you treat me now. Blah blah blah.

*walks off*

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Liberal Soldier & American Drivers

Ladies & Gentlemen

Please, take my advice, and don't break into a convoy, unless its an absolute emergency, and you are immedietely pulling off to the side, or onto an exit. Or if you can't get to the next lane.

But if you are in between two gun-trucks, and you have space to move out, please do. And don't be surprised if one or both gun trucks get on your ass for breaking into our convoy.

Then, more imporantly, don't get mad, scream out the door at us for doing that. And, especially, don't throw your soda at our windshield.

That was a quick way to a felony for that lady.

-Liberal Soldier

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy February


This weekend I get an all-expense paid vacation to Ft Gordon for three days. To roll around in the mud, qualify, and eat DFAC nastiness. Well...maybe Gordon Short Order won't be so bad, and I know exactly where to go to get the best DFAC food...

I'll keep you posted.

Have a good weekend. Weenies.