Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ft Stewart

Awesome TDY times at Ft Stewart Georgia. And by awesome I mean alot of driving, a few overdrafts (my own fault), and general disappoinment. But its alright, just trying to get some extra promotion points in. And this was the reason I haven't posted in a few days.

But either way, everything is starting to turn around. Going to get some major travel pay, a good tax refund, and still deciding what I will be doing for my last year before leaving. I've decided though, if I do leave, I will leave for good (barring a huge war or whatnot). If I do stay, I will stay for good. I'm either in or out, because I want to either go ahead and move on, or keep cranking out points to retirement.

I plan to discuss it with a friend of mine over the next year. Within six months of my ETS date, Ill know for sure. Anyhw, off to the library for now! Peace!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Drill Down...

Something like 22 Drills left. I suppose it won't really sink in until I have less than five. I'm gonna miss the people, most definately. But I wont miss the BS work; or being skipped over for promotion many times since I was a PFC. Even when everything was in order, it seemed like the ball was dropped.

Needless to say, I am gad tha I am eligible for the Post 9/11 bill. I've got a goal set to raise my PT score, so that I can make E5 before I leave. But that probably wouldn't even keep me in. Though the investment so far as that its my only current retirement....

It really makes me think.

Either way; Im still fairly young. 23. Its still early enough in life to decide upon a totally different route, and persue that. Who knows, maybe my writing career will take off? Maybe, twenty years from now, I'll take a look back at this point in my life wit something like nostalgia.

Who knows...