Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey Folks

Man, I read over the stuff in this blog, and I can't believe I'm the same person, sometimes. Its funny how in the blink of an eye, you feel like you've changed very quickly. However, when you think about it, you realize that it wasn't so much a blink of an eye, nor was it really a change. Who we are really will beat out who we think we should be.

Where to begin?

I suppose I'll update my life as it is segmented, into civilian and military sections.

Military Life?

My military career is going no where. However, I don't feel bitter about that, I know that if I needed to, I could do what I need to do to get it jump-started. I've settled into the idea that my ETS will be my ETS. I want to move on to writing and working in film (see next section).

I love all of my military buddies, and will miss them so dearly. They've been with me through some of the worst times in my life, and some of my best. They never really stop trying to help you (sometimes too much); and my goal is to give back whenever I can to them. Right now, this mostly involves giving gas money, or helping somebody find somewhere to live in a Jam.

However, I think once I become stable, the USO will become one of the primary charities I give too. I won't say more on that, because I don't believe anyone should be high and mighty because they give. However, I think this is what the military has brought out most in me.

That being said I can't wait to be done. :)

Civilian Life?

Where my military side is lagging, my civilian side is picking up steam. I'm doing great in school, and I've finally found a major that really fits me like a glove. I decided to do film, and cant talk me out of it. :)

I mean I recognize fully, that statistically, I'm more likely to end up doing something only arbitrarily related to film, but it never hurts to have dreams. I was always pretty good at setting goals and meeting them in the past, with only a few disastrous examples of when I didn't.

School is great though. I enjoy being back in Academia. I'm reading prolifically. This is noted by my use of the word prolifically. I use what I learn to spin of blogs (no, these aren't my only ones), specific niche blogs that I detail anything and everything that interests me.

So, when I'm not studying film or doing homework, I'm on the computer, working on my blogs, increasing monetization, hiring writers, all of that good stuff. When I run out of things to update for my domains (and its more like 'When I forget what I got online to Update') I switch over to a word document, and start blazing away on a series of short story projects that I'm working on, before I write my first novel & screen play.

Overall, life is good. I'm eating well. My studies are progressing in good manner, and I've gained a more manageable grasp of my finances. I expect to eliminate most of my debt with this year's tax return. At least going to wipe out 1000 USD of it (if my estimates are correct; thank god for earned income credit via tuition).

Personal Life?

Definitely an area that could need improvement. I've gone out with one girl since all began, and I quickly realized we didn't mesh. I've been talking with an awesome girl at school, but such is the case, she already has a boyfriend. :(

Generally though, they sound decent together, and I've never been the type to break up a couple. But she is a great friend in general, plus I talk to a few other girls who I can't remember right off the bat. Effie just sticks out because she is a cool girl, whom I can talk to about Aliens. :)

Now I wouldn't say my hang-ups with my previous failed relationship are resolved, I wouldn't go that far, but I can now say that they really no longer affect me on a daily, weekly, I might even say monthly. This came with a bit of a sad realization on my part about six months ago, when I was still talking to my ex-fiance.

I stumbled upon enough information to realize that at the beginning of our relationship, she was incredibly focused on another person. At the end of our relationship, she was cheating on me. I feel like a fell into a pit trap, and I was just too far down to realize it wasn't normal.

Either way, after I discovered this, I tried to remain friends with her on some grounds. But its very funny. In the same way she did what she did to me, she does the same to other people, I think. It's not cool, and not healthy/safe for her. I came to a point where I realized I didn't like the person she is (and I think, always will be), and I really didn't care one way or another for her anymore.

Thinking about it like that, it made all too much sense to stop talking to her, and I've done good on that for a few months now. I can honestly say I don't want that to change.


Wow, I realize now that this is probably my most personal blog. Yeah. I think thats because I find it easier to confide in my brothers in arms than I do anyone else.

Summary? Life is great! I really hope (and genuinely mean) that all of your lives are going well too! If they aren't; don't fret about it. Don't worry, just keep your heads up!