Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Liberal Soldier & American Drivers

Ladies & Gentlemen

Please, take my advice, and don't break into a convoy, unless its an absolute emergency, and you are immedietely pulling off to the side, or onto an exit. Or if you can't get to the next lane.

But if you are in between two gun-trucks, and you have space to move out, please do. And don't be surprised if one or both gun trucks get on your ass for breaking into our convoy.

Then, more imporantly, don't get mad, scream out the door at us for doing that. And, especially, don't throw your soda at our windshield.

That was a quick way to a felony for that lady.

-Liberal Soldier


  1. Oh shit...in the "Battle of Fallujah" if any civilain vehicles even got close to a convoy (sometimes as few as our truck and one other) we shouted, shitted,and shot. No warning shots, just "light them the fuck up!"

  2. I know. Americans don't respect the convoy mindset at all. I shoulda just crashed her off the road and made the PTSD defense.