Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ft Stewart

Awesome TDY times at Ft Stewart Georgia. And by awesome I mean alot of driving, a few overdrafts (my own fault), and general disappoinment. But its alright, just trying to get some extra promotion points in. And this was the reason I haven't posted in a few days.

But either way, everything is starting to turn around. Going to get some major travel pay, a good tax refund, and still deciding what I will be doing for my last year before leaving. I've decided though, if I do leave, I will leave for good (barring a huge war or whatnot). If I do stay, I will stay for good. I'm either in or out, because I want to either go ahead and move on, or keep cranking out points to retirement.

I plan to discuss it with a friend of mine over the next year. Within six months of my ETS date, Ill know for sure. Anyhw, off to the library for now! Peace!

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