Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Finally, back in school. Things are going well for me.

I might be buying a vending business to; so...things are looking really up. My company is shooting a short film, and this may or may not be the project that launches me to fame. At this point though, I just enjoy making amatuer film. Next semester Im taking a class on screen writing.

After some insecurity, I've decided my best option is not to continue in the Guard. I have some issues with credit that will make it hard to maintain my security clearance; and I may work to fix them up, there are other issues which will probably cause me to lose it.

So I'd rather go out on a good note, than have something bad happen. So I think I will just let it slip away next year.

I will keep this blog up for the last year of my enlistment, and continue posting. However, my last post, I promise you, no matter where Im at, will be on January 11th; 2012. After that, I'll be through.

But hey, we still have a year (plus) worth of me ranting about crazy drivers, the Army, and remembrances of the little part I played in our nation's history. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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