Saturday, July 30, 2011


Really not sure where I'm headed sometimes. Its been a few months since I posted. I really don't feel much of anything anymore.

I've returned to that point where I no longer have dreams. I barely remember the past, and I think its better that way. Every waking second is dedicated to becoming something, building something.

That much is good in life. I don't worry about life, or women. I sorta migrate from woman to woman, or have long hiatus without one (like now). It would be nice, but I don't feel any emotional need, just pure physical.

The only thing I worry, is that if I ever achieve my goals, what would I concentrate on?

I'm not sure if I'm repressing feelings, or if I really am this dedicated. I was always dedicated as a child, and a hard worker for things I believe in. Maybe that is what this is.

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