Friday, December 11, 2009

The Liberal Soldier: The Author

Im sure you guys...okay, some of you guys...well, maybe one or two of you...wonder what I do with my time. As I in the Guard, I'm not active Army, therefore my income comes from other places. Well, I've got very little vocational training, and I'm currently in a hiatus from college, though I plan to return full time in Spring of 2010.

So what do I do? Before I went to Iraq, I worked at UPS for several months, and that went okay. It was tough work, but it paid my meagre bills, and gave me enough disposable income to go and see my girlfriend. Its funny though, I totally look back on the situation, and realize that it should've been much different, as even though I knew I wanted my own company, I wasn't saving for it, or building to it.

I heard about a unit going to Iraq, and there were plenty of rumors that new soldiers would have to go anyhow. I can remember one Platoon Sergeant who tricked his whole platoon into signing for it. I won't get too much into that, but I signed, not because I was tricked, but because I wanted to save money to start my own business when I returned. Well, I was on the wagon for the majority of the deployment until personal issues complicated things. I returned with less than 10k in the bank, and wondering if my business dream would ever come to fruition.

Well what am I doing now, other than school? I've become a freelance writer, with my own company by which I self-publish stuff. While the company is profitable, its content is limited, and it definately does not pay my bills, and Im only hoping that the business grows, well I know it will, because I can see it happening. On average, I manage five book sales per month, so 1.25 per week. I've definately noticed an increasing trend from this. But Im lucky because Adsense picks up the rest of the tab for my hosting and content fees. So I do appreciate your interest in my blog!

But in addition to that, I do alot of freelance work. Between that and whatever menial jobs I can pull (newspaper delivery, insurance photography, courier), I make my living between class, and hopefully until my catalog of publishing is built up. I definately came back at the wrong time in the economy, I think.

Anyhow, if you are interested in Sci-Fi and other cool stuff, check out my company:

Crimson Star Entertainment

And our new WebComic, which just came out:
Knight Spectre


  1. Try being a cop, we get to do lots of writing and we get to drive cars fast and have all kinds of fun...and it pays the bills.

  2. I might consider it. My first book is about a cop in the future. You wouldn't believe, but the guy who invented Star Trek, Roddenberry, was a cop.