Monday, December 7, 2009

The Liberal Soldier & The Grog Bowl

Hey everyone! Oh, boy do I ever have something new to discuss about the army this time around. I went to drill this weekend, where we drove down to Ft Stewart, and participated in my unit's Military Ball. A normal drill weekend wouldn't really entice me or make me think about the Military so much, but the ball definately did.

Firstly, let me start off by saying, today is the anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Some sixty-eight years to be exact. For those of us in the Military, I hope we keep in mind the sacrifices made in the past, to bring us where we are now. I will however, comment further on this, in a minute.

Alright. So Saturday Night, I was dressed in my Sunday Finest, in the lobby of a hotel which was much too rich for my blood. I will admit, though, I think I looked good.

Im the man in the center. To my right is a Specialist, quickly on his way to becoming a sergeant. To my left is or adorable supply specialist, and she got quite tanked that night. As you can see, black was the color of the night, and thats what I wear to any and all formal events.

The ball was fun, simply because I had good friends around me. Im always commenting to my fellow soldiers in the unit that I'm a short-timer...with only 25 months left to go! So you can see, Im overly optimistic (not to mention premature) about leaving the service! However, if there was one thing that the big Green Machine (err...Grey Machine? Pixilated Machine?) did give me respect for, it was my fellow Soldiers. Leaving them will be the only hard part about leaving, and know I will still follow up with many of them after we've gone our seperate ways.

I think for many soldiers of my ethical persuasion, it is much the same. I've done my duty, gone to a Combat Zone, opened up educational options, and served honorably. My only regret when I leave will be that I will leave my friends, but such is life.

Anyhow, the night started somewhat slow, with us watching the Florida//Alabama game (or should I say tragedy; oh well, the Gator streak couldn't have gone on forever). I saw many friends from the unit I deployed with, and it was great to say hey to everyone, as well as see current unit-members out of uniform for once (a rare thing in the Guard).

We ate steak, but only after the ceremonial creation of 'Military Police Punch' aka the Grog bowl. I can't remember all that was said about it, but I can definately remember what was put in it. It started with two bottles of Everclear, then two bottles of Champagne, two bottles of Jim Bean, two bottles of vodka, some punch, a sock, some 'Iraqi Sand' (I think it was brown sugar), and women's pantyhose. Either way, it was strong, and after refilling my glass twice, I was well on my way to a good evening. (Note: The Army doesn't condone drinking games, but does condone this!)

After the meal, my friends and I went out on the town. We strolled down River Street in Savannah, stopping by any local bars that were still open, including Wet Willies. WW is notorious for its frozen drinks that have an Everclear base (the Everclear is the slush in the slushi). Needless to say, by the end of the night, we were all hammered. However, I'm always the protective one in the group, and spent my time watcing out for muggers, and staying conscious on the cab drive home.

But finally we pulled back into Ft Stewart. Another funny part to the night, we woke up my friend Seth, and kept asking him for his ID. He kept handing us $20 bills, and told he driver he would tip him in Log 10. The two girls in the car were barely conscious. I was amazed, despite a long hiatus from drinking alcohol, that I was the on best able to handle my liquor. It had been three months since I had a drink. But in my defense, I drank heavily before, after, and during my deployment. But now, I will return to my policy of non-alcohol.

Either way, I had alot of fun, and won't soon forget this experience. It has probably been one of the few very good experiences in the Army I've had.

Also, back to Pearl Harbor. I had the...ummm...honor, of watching two Cadets make two other Cadets wash a bus in honor of Pearl Harbor Day. The working Cadets were, of course, Asian (though one was from India, not the 'Far East', which drew some laughs). It seemed kind of unfair, but I think it was a more of a peer-pressure type of thing.

I just thought maybe you would like to know the status of our future officer corp! Anyhow, I look forward to your comments!


  1. ah screw it... The first time I got out of the regular army, I was out for 13 years. Then I joined the guard and took a few breaks.
    If I had just stayed in...I could have retired before my actually having to go to war....and I would have been under 40 years old and in better shape with less grey hair...
    You'll miss the good people, but not the retards.
    ...and watch what you call females or you'll get an EO complaint.

  2. BTW, what did you guys use for a grog bowl. We used toliet bowls...not sure if they were brand new or used....