Monday, January 4, 2010

The Liberal Soldier & Terrorism

Yet another blog post about Terrorism. I was just reading some old lady's reaction to the Christmas Day bombing attempt online. She was very concerned about the issue that he had tried to blow himself up using an underwear bomb, and how it would result in her having to get her crotch screened from now on whenever she went into the Airplane.

I dont mind that this is what she thinks about. I mean, I suppose thats expected from the American audience.

What happened to questions like the following:

How did this happen? Why did it happen?

I've read a little bit of the person's profile, and he seemed to be a young kid with alot of teenage angst, who put most of that blame on America. And sure, maybe the American media is partially to blame for alot of issues he had, as well as kids everywhere.

And don't confuse me. Still t the forefront of my mind, is how did we let this happen? How did he not end up on a no-fly list, and certainly how did the chemical compound make it through scanners?

The only answer I have to that, is that maybe at times alot of people say things that seem anti-establishment, without meaning them. Maybe the key is to figure out what profile of human being will carry through on their anger. Otherwise, he should have been on a "no-fly" list. As a rationalist, this makes sense to me. The probably is ratio for each ethic & socio-economic background, for how many comments he can say before it becomes extremely likely that he is a violent offender/terrorist.

But that comes really close to scientific management, and has a major chance of infringing on civil liberties. What are your opinions on this story? What are your opinions on bending civil liberties to profile potential terrorists?

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