Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Liberal Soldier & Directing

Okay, so yesterday was a first for me. CSE (my company) and I met at a local library to do some casting for a documentary that we are producing and plan to put on youtube. Casting was too easy. There was a decent turn out, and we got the roles filled.

So, then, we started our first day of shooting. The script itself is based on the Rufus M. Rose ghost story, based on the Rufus M. Rose House in downtown Atlanta. So I was acting as writer and project director, while Ed passed as the casting director and unit director.

Our first shots were monochrome of the guy that we got to play Rufus M. Rose. Everything went well, and we are scheduled for two more days of filming this weekend. After that, there will be some minor post-production (which I will start this afternoon), and then we can release the project to the world.

Should be great!

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice by being Guard. Sometimes the bills can be a struggle, but I'd much rather be in the struggle, and have my freedom to do stuff like this. Not that Active guys don't but they have alot more stress daily, I think. Hats off to all my Active buds.

For more info on the project, check out my Ghost Blog on my profile!

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